…menulis untuk mencicil ketidaktahuan

Me, a Father!

Posted in Kenangan by daengrusle on December 5, 2008


By time being, i just realized that it has been years now my Mahdi and Maipa grew up under my eyes. Grew up together as well as me as their parents, trying to be the better one for them. There were so many amazing moments captured in my mind while seeing their began to walk, touch and reach, and especially the words. Many unpredictable and suprisefull words speak out from their small lips and always make me smile, even laugh but evenmore trying to learn anything from it. Make me so thankful to the God who has given me a time and chance to be their beloved parents.



I always try to make their eyes as my eyes, seeing and thinking through the world by the way they think and see. Never prejudice them by and as what we did, as old man with complicated and even absurd standard. They are growing with their own world, and obviously a world with a totally different with what we had. Especially on how to manage and explore the new environment those appears time by time. We can led them by introducing what we did, but surely it will only became no more just a reference for them. They have their own world!


A thing that make me so happy being a human is when they happily recognize me as one of the best thing in the world, me a father!



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