…menulis untuk mencicil ketidaktahuan

A letter to myself

Posted in Kenangan by daengrusle on August 13, 2008

aku di tumasek

There is no point of return, absolutely! Even, no time to think about that ‘think’.

These are the points that you will pursue and fulfill in your next dream. First of all you will close to your all happily premises. With them you can share your adorable passion together, especially for one you are trying to hug at all. May Allah bless her in her next life.What is the next? There are many challenges lied on your next way. You can prefer to build your new career or another one, explore your another potential capability in new line of your career. Just choose it, and the existing train will bring you to it. You just need to suffer for a while, but at the end of the rail, you will release many things that you were doubt on them. You can found yourself as a very wide person, with many opportunities. Otherwise, you will have better portfolio to expand your geographic determination, perhaps even do not much store your hope on it.

How about my stakeholders, as they are the most important thing after my supreme soulholder? There will be more widely joy of life to be share together with them. By collecting all stakeholder into the big one, it will make a bunch of happiness. For all of my derivatives, I will take them closely to the center of excellence coordinates; education, family, and others.

So, despite all those goodness and opportunities unwritable here, do not keep all doubt in your head. Go head, and smile. You are the winner, absolutely!


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