…menulis untuk mencicil ketidaktahuan


Posted in Renungan by daengrusle on May 17, 2006

….there is something I need to clarify about the story itself, some people read this as an expression of brokenheart for a past failure relationship and therefore seems like that it was a big lost or either as quotes said 'to good to be true'. I just realize it when read it again. But, the true is (you can named this as self-defense whatever) that there is a hidden story/message which can't be read in it unless you know the chronological behind the scene. Thanks God, I have the reply for the email already and she has given the good comment also….

Good advises have been sent againts this posting and I feel glad and thank to them regardless what are their interpretation about the story. Those comments enriched my knowledge and view about the meaning and purpose of the relationship. I think it will be very useful for those who would like or still engaged to a relationship. What do you think about relationship, its mostly like a trade where someone need someting from other and just buy it as they pay it?. Just focus to your purpose and keep it remain on the track, otherwise you will disappointed whenever the overcome is unlike your expectation.

it's OK if you have personal problems, we all do. what's NOT OK if you do nothing about them.


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  1. hendra said, on May 18, 2006 at 3:06 am

    salam lekum bang rus…wah situsnya apik di mata, sejuk dihati nih…

  2. Tar said, on May 18, 2006 at 6:56 pm

    Kreatifitaas anak bangsa yang peduli dan senang berbagi, patut dibanggakan. Maju terus!

  3. den bhabe said, on June 2, 2006 at 6:53 am

    slank asik cika’ blog nu cemburuku mau tongga bikin saya diriku tidak mampu..cuman kurangki foto2nya bikinko satu lagi galery foto2 banyak foto fotonya anak anak saya dapat waktu ical pindah rumah waktu ke pada ke hidayatullah bvalikpapan waktu acara KIR gunung2 dan lainnya bisaki itu discan asik juga liat evolusi kita hehehehe…apalagi saya yang tadinya “kurus” sekarang bengkak tidak karuanmi hehehe..salam buat keluarga..ponakan terutama cess…
    den bhabe…02 juni 2006

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